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  • CarSystem Auto Mask
    CarSystem Auto Mask CARSYSTEM Auto Mask handy masking film incl. adhesive tape    Auto Mask  - handy masking film incl. adhesive tape APPLIANCE Masking foil with integrated masking tape for quickly covering windows, shock absorbers, bumpers, etc.   ..
  • CarSystem Clear-Coat Spray
    CarSystem Clear-Coat Spray clear-coat spray    Klarlack - clear-coat spray APPLIANCE Clear coating for spot repairs.   CHARACTERISTICS A glossy, heavy-duty, acrylic-based clear coat. Fast-drying and weather-resist ..
  • CarSystem Etch Primer
    CarSystem Etch Primer Etch Primer    Etch Primer - primer APPLIANCE The Etch Primer has been specially developed for repairing primer coats on aluminium car bodies. The Etch Primer has excellent adhesion to all steel, zinc and aluminium surfaces. The Etch Primer is eas..
  • CarSystem Fine Line Tape Blue
    Fine Line Tape Blue paint line tape CHARACTERISTICS FINE LINE TAPE BLUE is a heat resistant film masking tape for the finest high quality paint edge lines. This product creates crisp, clean edges. The tape’s extreme flexibility allows you to tape curves as well as long, straight lines. It will ..
  • CarSystem Latex Hand I Premium
    Latex gloves with long sleeves - very thick - long sleeve, total length 30 cm - powder free - solvent resistant - excellent grip thanks to its structured surface ..
  • CarSystem Master Tape Green
    Master Tape Green masking tape CHARACTERISTICS Master Tape Green is a slightly creped, flexible masking tape with excellent elongation characteristics and a high initial adhesion strength. This product is suitable for masking jobs for wet sanding as well as for solvent-based or water-based app..
  • CarSystem Paint Overall Blue
    Nylon protective clothing with hood For painting work or for any other problematic work. Very robust clothing, long lasting quality. Blue color. With 1 revolver pocket and 2-way zipper. ..
  • CarSystem Prep Hand Cut
    CarSystem Prep Hand Cut Prep Hand Cut protective glove    Prep Hand Cut - protective glove APPLIANCE Prep Hand Cut are high quality gloves, protecting the hands against cuts. They are used in the automobile industry, car body construction, clean room assembly, pharmaceut..
  • CarSystem Safety Lens
    CS protective glasses Lightweight polycarbonate safety glasses with side shields. ..
  • CarSystem Safety Lens Vario - safety glasses
    CarSystem Safety Lens Vario Safety glasses APPLIANCE Safety Lenses are basic lightweight protective glasses with clear polycarbonate lenses and sideshields. CHARACTERISTICS Safety Lens vario: equipped with adjustable brackets (length and angle) ..
  • CarSystem Star Dust P2
    APPLIANCE Star Dust P2, FFP2S-class. Protects against noxious fine dust with OEL value of 0.1 to 10 mg/m³ (except asbestos). 20pcs CHARACTERISTICS Star Dust P2 is a disposable dust mask against harmful fine dust, according to the particle filter class 2 / CE 0194 EN 0149:2001 ..
  • CarSystem Star Dust P2V:2001
    APPLIANCE Star Dust P2V:2001  FFP2S-class. Protects against noxious fine dust with OEL value of 0.1 to 10 mg/m³ (except asbestos). 10pcs CHARACTERISTICS  Star Dust P2V:2001  is a disposable dust mask against harmful fine dust, according to the particle filter class 2..
  • CarSystem Star Mask Paint Spray Respirator
    CarSystem Star Mask Star Mask paint spray respirator    Star Mask  - paint spray respirator APPLIANCE Star Mask is a respirator with high-capacity and low maintenance. It has exchangeable pre-filters and gas-filters. Star Mask protects against mist of paint, lacquer..
  • CarSystem Star Mask Pre P2 prefilter
    CarSystem Star Mask Pre P2 prefilter 10 pcs APPLIANCE Spare-pre-filter for Star Mask. CHARACTERISTICS Protection class P2 according to CE standards. ..
  • CarSystem Star Mask Refill
    APPLIANCE Star Mask Refill filters protect against mist of paint, lacquer, enamel, pesticide, organic vapour and dust. CHARACTERISTICS Protection class A2 according to CE standards. ..
  • CarSystem Thermo Spray
    CarSystem Thermo Spray Thermo Spray paint spray - heat-resistant    Thermo Spray  - paint spray - heat-resistant APPLIANCE For coatings on all parts exposed to heat, such as engines and exhaust systems.   CHARACTERISTICS Temperature resistant up t..
  • CarSystem Top Tape
    CarSystem Top Tape CARSYSTEM TOP TAPE masking tape    TOP TAPE  - masking tape APPLIANCE Standard masking tape for paint shops.   CHARACTERISTICS Temperature resistant up to 80 °C. ..
  • CarSystem Tyvek-Overall - protective suit for painting
    CarSystem Tyvek-Overall protective suit for painting sizes: M, L, XL, XXL APPLIANCE Tyvek© Overall is optimal suitable for spray painters. Suitable for spray painting, renovation works or for machinery servicing. It has a very good protection against paint mist, dust and dirt. CHARACTER..
  • Multi Strain Paint Strainer
    Multi Strain Paint Strainer Available in 3 packs - 10 st, 100 st and 500 st APPLIANCE Disposable strainer for filtering all paints and lacquers - 190 µ. CHARAKTERISTICS Paper funnel with a nylon filter. ..
  • CarSystem Magnetic Gun Holder
    Magnetic holder for paint guns. ..
  • CarSystem Gun Clean Set
    Gun Clean Set Set de nettoyage pour pistolets composé de 17 pièces.  Contenu: 6 aiguilles diverses et 11 brosses différentes. ..
  • Masking Film - Roll, MMIR-Mask Light Green
    Masking Film - Roll, MMIR-Mask Light Green APPLIANCE Paint adhesive masking film for covering vehicles, SUV's and vans. CHARACTERISTICS Transparent-green masking film with the following properties: paint adhesive, infrared resistant up to 110°C, static, easy to cut, waterproof, tearproof and..
  • Masking Film MMIR - Mask Aqua Tec
    Masking Film MMIR - Mask Aqua Tec​ Dimensions 4 x 300 m APPLIANCE MMIR Mask Aqua Tec is a special masking film for covering vehicles having residual moisture content. CHARACTERISTICS Transparent-blue masking film with the following properties: Temperature resistant up to an object temperatu..
  • Paper Trolley
    Paper Trolley APPLIANCE Paper Trolley is a mobile dispenser for 3 rolls of masking paper. The widths of the papers are maximum 22, 60 and 90 cm. Paper Trolley is supplied with an adjustable tape-roll-supply, which automatically puts the masking-tape onto the edge of the masking paper.  P..