Paints and Clear Coats

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  • CarSystem Clear-Coat Spray
    CarSystem Clear-Coat Spray clear-coat spray    Klarlack - clear-coat spray APPLIANCE Clear coating for spot repairs.   CHARACTERISTICS A glossy, heavy-duty, acrylic-based clear coat. Fast-drying and weather-resist ..
  • CarSystem Etch Primer
    CarSystem Etch Primer Etch Primer    Etch Primer - primer APPLIANCE The Etch Primer has been specially developed for repairing primer coats on aluminium car bodies. The Etch Primer has excellent adhesion to all steel, zinc and aluminium surfaces. The Etch Primer is eas..
  • CarSystem Thermo Spray
    CarSystem Thermo Spray Thermo Spray paint spray - heat-resistant    Thermo Spray  - paint spray - heat-resistant APPLIANCE For coatings on all parts exposed to heat, such as engines and exhaust systems.   CHARACTERISTICS Temperature resistant up t..