Tapes and Adhesives

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  • 3M 2060A Masking Tape for Hard-to-Stick Surfaces - Green 50mmx50m
    High Adhesion masking tape 3 day clean removal time. Ideal for hard to stick and uneven surfaces including concrete, brick or grout. Can be used on lacquered coatings Moisture resistant   Product Description This tape can be removed cleanly for up to 3 days. I..
  • CarSystem Top Tape
    CarSystem Top Tape CARSYSTEM TOP TAPE masking tape    TOP TAPE  - masking tape APPLIANCE Standard masking tape for paint shops.   CHARACTERISTICS Temperature resistant up to 80 °C. ..
  • 3M™ Trim Masking Tape 10mm
    3M™ Trim Masking Tape, 06349, 50.8 mm x 10 m The 10 mm firm strip of this tape is slid under the molding. The liner on the remaining adhesive side is then removed and the tape is folded over and adhered to the glass, actually lifting up the molding and allowing paint to flow under it. This tape s..
  • Blue Painters Tape 3M - 36mm
    Blue Painters Tape 3M blue - 38mm Color: blue  Length: 50 m Width: 36 mm Thickness: 0.12 mm  Application (place): Indoor + Outdoor  Application area (surface): Smooth ..