Dip Nozzle


Dip Nozzle

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Dip Nozzle® is a male actuator that is designed to fit female actuators on aerosol cans. Increases the size of the spray fan and amount of product deployed over most stock actuators. DipYourCar personally uses the Dip Nozzle® with our Plasti Dip® Spray cans to get better coverage, smoother results and cut the application time in half on wheels, panels and more. Can drastically aid a user trying to cover a large surface area with a spray can. Compatible with the following Plasti Dip® aerosol cans: Black, White, Red, Gunmetal, Charcoal, Camo Green, Camo Brown, Camo Tan, Camo Black, Blaze Yellow, Blaze Blue, Blaze Green, Blaze Purple, Clear, Pearlizer, Aluminum, Anthracite, Vintage Gold, Full Spectrum™ Daytona Yellow, Full Spectrum™ Cobalt Blue, Full Spectrum™ Red, Full Spectrum™ Koi Orange, Full Spectrum™ Electric Lime Green, and Full Spectrum™ Fierce Pink. Not Compatible with the following Plasti Dip® aerosol cans: Glossifier, Metalizers

Usefull video made by DipYourCar:


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